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Terms of Agreement:

The undersigned hereby engage ALEX PHOTO hereafter to be called Photographer to take photographs at the date, time, place and location indicated on the contract.


This contract is not subject to cancellation.
If Wedding or event is canceled:

It is agreed that if the event contracted for is postponed and/or the Photographer's Services is terminated for any reason, the Photographer will be notified in WRITING.

If notice is given:

1. Up to three months before the event. The full amount of the retainer will be credited to the undersigned. This credit may be used for any other photographic service provided by the Photographer.

2. Less than three months before the event ONLY 25% of the retainer will be credited to the undersigned. This credit may be used for any other photographic service provided by the Photographer.

3. if no notice is given, the undersigned will be liable for the full amount of the contract.

Method Of Payment:

1. Deposit at time of reservation (as specified on contract)

2. Second deposit on the day of event.

3. Final balance due on delivery of High Res proofs on disc.

4. All accounts are due payable on notice of completion of order. Interest of 2% per month (24% per annum) will be applied to outstanding accounts beyond 60 days.

It is agreed the sales tax if any shall be paid by the undersigned. In the event the undersigned fails to comply with any of the terms or conditions, the Photographer may at its option, give 5 days notice of intention to cancel this contract with obligation or damages on the part of the Photographer.

All negatives and proofs for photographs remain the property of the Photographer.

Permission for Display

it is agreed that rights to exclusive use of photo reproduction therefrom are reserved in ALEX PHOTO whether for display, publication or otherwise.
The Photographer shall have no obligation to deliver photographs to the place, residence or business of the undersigned.
The undersigned hereby agrees to pick up all merchandise at the studio of the Photographer.
The Photographer reserves the right to assign any competent subcontractor to do the photographic work.

Technical Failures

The undersigned is hereby specifically put on notice and is hereby notified and agrees that photography is not an exact science and that on certain occasions, equipment may be proven defective. The undersigned hereby agrees that in the event that the total order is undeliverable because of defect in material/ equipment that the liability of the photographer will be strictly limited to the amount of consideration paid pursuant to the contract. The undersigned hereby specifically waives any claims for negligence, breach of warranty, mental harm, or distress due to the failure of the photographs to be produced because of any defective materials, equipment or procedures.
The liability of the Photographer for any breach of this shall strictly be limited to the amount of any consideration reserved by the Photographer for payment of the contract price.


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