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Our Services

Alex-Photo provides photographic services for both commercial and private events. Providing color, black and white or stylized photography for more than 20 years. Alex, the head photographer is one of the professional photographers of Ontario. His ability to combine traditional photography with modern and abstract concepts define his unique style. With years of experience as a professional photographer, he is able to capture not only the visual but the emotional feel of an event.

Alex specializes in wedding photography, combining traditional photography with modern standards. We provide different styles of photography, the most common being formal, candid and glamour. Depending on your preference, we will provide you with quality images for you to enjoy for years to come.

Glamour Photography

Glamour Photography:

Glamour Photography refers to photographs which are non-revealing but still look sensual and alluring, similar to modeling portfolios or magazine shoots. Traditionally, Glamour Photography refers to Photographs which are basically head and shoulders portraits photographed in the studio, Alex-Photo takes it a step further. Our glamour Photography ranges from portraits to full figure, on location with a combination of controlled and random elements.

Formal Photography:

These are romantic Bride and Groom portraits, reception photos, church and ceremony photos, and family portraits. A complete opposite to Candid photography. These very posed couple portraits and also portraits of just the Bride or Groom alone. Formals also include posed family or group shots. The largest and most common in any event photography.
The scope of the formal style is to ensure that the important moments are captured, and no one is lost in the excitement.

Formal Photography

Candid Photography

Candid Photography:

Candid photography is photography stripped to the essentials. Rooted in the snapshot, candid photographs are simple and immediate. The best candid photography shows the medium in its purest terms: an instant of life captured on film. No other visual art can lay claim to the reality, the moment in time, the pleasant surprise of a candid photograph. A non formal way to capture the beauty and feeling of the moment, always a favorite.

Digital Photography:

This continuously emerging technology allows for greater flexibility and endless creativity. While digital photography is not a substitute for conventional techniques, it allows for effects and adjustments not possible before. Digital photographs are available in a wide variety of sizes as well as on a photo CD, interactive slide show and a variety of sizes and designs in custom digital albums. Click here to view some examples of digital photography and the effects we can achieve. Please contact us for full details and pricing.

Digital Photography

Alex-Photo is also a great resource for helping you plan your event, we can help you arrange limousine service, banquet hall/ restaurant reservations, videography and more. Contact us today.


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